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Revolutionize Your Look with a Lash Lift: Top Choice in Naples, Marco Island, and Lely


Are you searching for a "lash lift in Naples, Florida" or exploring options for a "lash lift in Marco Island or Lely"? Welcome to Threading by Saadi, where we specialize in enhancing your natural beauty with our top-rated lash lift services. Ideal for those seeking a striking yet effortless look, our lash lifts are the talk of the town from Naples to Marco Island and beyond.

before and after lash lift
Close up of actual lash lift client!

The Art of Lash Lifts: A lash lift, much like a hair perm, redefines your natural eyelashes, giving them an enviable curl and lift. This treatment is perfect for anyone wishing to elevate their eye game without the constant maintenance of lash extensions or falsies.

Why Choose a Lash Lift? In the beautiful regions of Naples, Marco Island, and Lely, a lash lift is more than a beauty treatment; it's a lifestyle choice. Perfect for the busy individual, it shaves precious time off your morning routine and keeps you looking fabulous around the clock.

The Lash Lift Process: Lash Lift: Top Choice in Naples Marco Island & Lely

is Threading by Saadi. There she starts Lift's top with a thorough consultation to tailor the lash lift to your unique style. Using safe and effective techniques, we ensure a comfortable and satisfying experience, whether you're visiting us from Naples, Marco Island, or Lely.

Aftercare and Longevity: To maintain your stunning new lash look, we recommend avoiding water and makeup near the lashes for 24 hours. With proper care, your lash lift from Threading by Saadi can dazzle for four to six weeks.

before & after lash lift
Before and after TBS lash client

Affordable Luxury: Priced competitively for our clients in Naples, Marco Island, and Lely, a lash lift at Threading by Saadi offers a blend of luxury and value, ranging from $110 to $175.

Lash Lift for Every Eye: Our lash lift services cater to a diverse range of lash types and colors. We welcome clients from Naples to Marco Island and Lely, ensuring everyone can enjoy the benefits of this fantastic treatment.

Booking Your Lash Lift: Ready to join the ranks of beauty enthusiasts in Naples, Marco Island, and Lely who've discovered the wonders of a lash lift at Threading by Saadi? Book your appointment today and step into a world where beauty and convenience meet.

Conclusion: From Naples to Marco Island and Lely, Threading by Saadi is your go-to destination for lash lifts. Experience the difference with our expert team, and unveil the power of beautifully lifted lashes.

Book your lash lift appointment now and transform your look with Threading by Saadi!

interior picture
Inside TBS studio

About the Author: Saadia Persad  

owner of Threading by Saadi
owner of Threading by Saadi

Saadia Persad

owner of Threading by Saadi

  • Master Threader / Brow Sculptor

  • Certified Lash Extension Specialist

  • 6x Certified in Nano Brow, Microblading & Lip Blush Application

  • Licensed & Insured - Esthetician & Permanent Makeup

  • 20+plus years in the beauty industry

Saadia is an eyebrow guru based in Naples, Florida who specializes in transforming eyebrows through the art of threading. Since 2010, Eyebrow Addicts have been flocking to Saadi's Threading By Saadi salon to experience her sculpted perfection for their brows. Through her careful manipulation of a simple piece of cotton thread with her hands, Saadi can give each individual's face the perfect arch to maximize their brow potential! For over 12 years she has been a highly sought-after brow artist, winning multiple awards and being voted as The Best Of for eyebrow, eyelash, and facial services in Southwest Florida. !

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