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Looking for expert eyelash extension services in Naples, Lely, or Marco Island? Look no further than our beauty salon. We provide our customers with the highest quality extensions, whether you prefer classic, hybrid, or volume. So why wait? Come to Threading By Saadi  and let us elevate your natural beauty!


Why Eyelash Extensions

Get Longer, Fuller Lashes with Eyelash Extensions at Threading by Saadi located in Naples, Marco Island and Southwest Florida. If you want to enhance your natural beauty with gorgeous eyelashes that are enviably long and full, eyelash extensions are the perfect solution. Threading by Saadi offers expert eyelash extension application and fills in Naples, Marco Island, and throughout Southwest Florida.

The eyelash extension process takes around two hours for a full set. Each individual extension is carefully adhered to your own natural lashes, one by one. We use a range of lengths and curls to customize your eyelash extensions so they look completely natural. The results are stunning.

Eyelash Extension Benefits:

  • Longer, fuller lashes instantly

  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear

  • Enhances your natural beauty

  • Customized curl and length for your eyes

  • Waterproof - stay put rain or shine!

  • Saves time on daily makeup routine


Maintenance is easy too. As your natural lashes shed, fill-in appointments every 2-3 weeks replace lost extensions and maintain your fabulous look.

Eyelash Touch Up and Refills

Eyelashes grow and shed in cycles of 60-90 days.

In order to make your semi-permanent eyelash extensions
last throughout this process, we recommend refills
every 2 weeks to replace lost lashes.

Anything over 4 weeks & less then 40% coverage is considered a full set

Our Lash Work Policy

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and results!
With that in mind, our policy is that we do not work on eyelash extensions done elsewhere. This is to ensure that the quality each client receives is High Standard and that everyone leaves with a uniform look and expertly applied lashes.

We do not fill others lashes from other salons for quality and liability purposes. We will be happy to provide removal of your current lash extensions, thorough cleaning & a fresh new set to keep your lash affair going.

We Strongly Advise a Patch Test

A patch test must be done in a pre-consultation for eyelash extensions,
for those clients: who have never had eyelash extensions, have sensitive eyes or have any sort of allergies. This is to ensure there will be no further reactions after the semi-permanent eyelash extensions are complete.

The patch test is designed to ensure that you the client are not allergic to eyelash extension

adhesive vapors / fumes.

For glamorous, eye-opening eyelash extensions in Naples, Marco Island and across Southwest Florida, trust the experts at Threading by Saadi. Contact us today to schedule your eyelash extension application or fill appointment!

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