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Experience the Best Keratin Lash Lift in Naples, FL Threading by Saadi

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Elevate your gaze with the finest lash lift treatments at Threading by Saadi Studio, where we turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Our salon offers three distinct lash lift services, each designed to celebrate the unique charm of your natural lashes while keeping you looking fabulous in the Florida sun.

Lash Lift Naples Before and After Client
Before and After Client of Lash Lift

Non-Keratin Lash Lift

Our non-keratin lash lift offers an understated yet elegant curve, perfect for those desiring a subtle uplift. It’s a great low-maintenance beauty solution that allows you to enjoy lifted lashes for up to two months, with the added benefit of using mascara to dial up the drama whenever you wish.

Keratin Lash Lift

Our keratin-based lash lift imbues strength into each strand for a fortified flourish. This treatment uses a keratin-infused solution to not only lift but also volumize and rejuvenate your lashes, giving them a semi-permanent shape and robust health that endures.

Oshara Lash Lift System

The Oshara Lash Lift System, hailed for its innovative approach, brings you the advantage of natural ingredients blended with the latest Korean beauty technology. It’s especially suited for those with droopy lashes, offering an enhanced lift with tools designed for various eyelid types, to avoid any discomfort post-treatment.

At Threading by Saadi Studio, we offer These & the Best Keratin Lash Lift in Naples FL. These transformative lash lift options alongside a range of other services including nail care, lash extensions, permanent makeup, and more. Located conveniently to serve Naples, Marco Island, Lely, and surrounding areas, we’re your premier beauty destination.

Ready to experience the allure of perfectly lifted lashes?

Book your appointment at Threading by Saadi Studio and find out why we are the go-to for lash lifts and full-service beauty care.


5013 Tamiami Trail E, 2nd Floor Naples Florida 34113


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