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Wake up flawless every day with naturally defined brows that turn heads. Our Brow Stain service is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve perfectly shaped and defined brows. Using only the highest quality pigments and dyes, we create a look that is tailored to your unique natural features. Ditch the daily makeup routine and get long lasting, waterproof eyebrow staining


Perfectly Defined Brows with Brow Stain

Brows on Fleek for Weeks with Eyebrow Staining at Threading by Saadi in Naples,

Marco Island and Southwest Florida.

Long-lasting, natural-looking eyebrows are just a staining appointment away. Our studio uses semi-permanent stain to give you perfectly shaped, defined brows that accentuate your facial features. Eyebrow staining lasts up to 2 weeks and is a great alternative to daily filling in your brows with makeup.

Benefits of Eyebrow Staining

  • Saves time - Wake up with brows already done instead of having to fill them in daily! The stain eliminates the need for daily makeup application on your brows.

  • Long-lasting results - On the brow hair, color can last 4-6 weeks, giving you perfectly shaped brows 24/7.

  • Waterproof - The brow stain is smudge and water-resistant. No need to worry about your brows running or fading throughout the day.

  • Natural look - Eyebrow stains look more natural than sharply filled in brows with makeup. The technique enhances your natural brow shape.

  • Affordable - An eyebrow tinting costs less than repeated eyebrow makeup products over time. The results last for weeks with a single application.

  • Accentuates facial features - Well-defined eyebrows frame your eyes beautifully and accentuate your overall facial aesthetics.


Get perfect arches and elegantly shaped brows with eyebrow staining services from the experts at Threading by Saadi. Contact Threading by Saadi in Naples, Marco Island and Southwest Florida today to schedule your eyebrow staining appointment!

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