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Achieve the perfect brow look at Threading By Saadi with our customized brow lamination services. We will work with your unique facial features to create a natural and stunning appearance. Experience the difference today.


What is Eyebrow Lamination

The brow lamination process performed at Threading by Saadi in Naples, Florida and Marco Island involves carefully applying a straightening solution to relax the bonds in the brow hairs, allowing them to be repositioned and set. A setting lotion is then applied, which acts as a “glue” to hold each hair in place in its new position.


The finished look offers neatly combed, uniform brows with gorgeous arches

that keep their shape with no fuzziness.

Brow lamination is the innovative service giving you flawlessly shaped brows that hold

their form for 4-6 weeks. Also known as brow sculpting or 3D brows, brow lamination

uses solutions to straighten, lift and set the hairs of the eyebrows.


The result is beautiful brows with a fuller, groomed shape that maintains

definition without daily filling and grooming.

Brow lamination is perfect for those wanting to cut down on daily brow maintenance, or achieve a polished “done” look. No more need to fill in sparse areas every day or

tame unruly hairs. Lamination also helps brows look more symmetrical and defined.

The results can last 4-6 weeks with proper aftercare.

Threading by Saadi, the premier Brow Lamination Studio in Naples, Florida, Marco Island and Southwest Florida offers expert Eye Brow Lamination services. Our experienced brow technicians can sculpt and define your brows for a clean, trendy shape customized to your unique facial features.

For beautiful, full brows that hold their shape for weeks, book your brow lamination service.

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