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Microblading at Threading by Saadi: The Secret to Flawless Brows in Naples Florida

The Art of Microblading 

Microblading is a game-changer in the world of beauty, offering a semi-permanent solution for fuller, natural-looking eyebrows. At Threading by Saadi in Naples, microblading is performed with exceptional skill, providing clients with the perfect brow shape.

microblading procedure
Brow Transformation with microblading

Microblading vs. Traditional Brow Filling 

Unlike daily eyebrow pencils or powders, microblading offers a long-lasting solution. It involves etching fine strokes that resemble natural hair, giving a fuller and more defined brow shape.

Threading by Saadi's Microblading Expertise Saadi's expertise in microblading ensures each stroke is perfectly placed, matching the natural color and thickness of your eyebrows. Clients at Threading by Saadi receive personalized attention to achieve their desired brow look.

taaylin testimonial
See our Beautiful client Testimonial

See the numerous Client Testimonials and numerous satisfied clients attest to the transformative effect of Saadi's microblading services, praising the natural look and ease of maintenance.

inela before and after pics
Before & After of our Beautiful client

Step into the world of effortless beauty with microblading at Threading by Saadi. Book your appointment for brows that speak volumes!"

Don’t hesitate! Dive into your beauty journey with me.

Visit  or call 239.306.2550 to book your session. Remember, with Threadingbysaadi, your brows aren’t just in good hands—they’re in the best hands.

About the Author: Saadia Persad  

owner of Threading by Saadi
owner of Threading by Saadi

Saadia Persad

owner of Threading by Saadi

  • Master Threader / Brow Sculptor

  • Certified Lash Extension Specialist

  • 6x Certified in Nano Brow, Microblading & Lip Blush Application

  • Licensed & Insured - Esthetician & Permanent Makeup20+plus years in the beauty industry

Saadia is an eyebrow guru based in Naples, Florida who specializes in transforming eyebrows through the art of threading. Since 2010, Eyebrow Addicts have been flocking to Saadi's Threading By Saadi salon to experience her sculpted perfection for their brows. Through her careful manipulation of a simple piece of cotton thread with her hands, Saadi can give each individual's face the perfect arch to maximize their brow potential! For over 12 years she has been a highly sought-after brow artist, winning multiple awards and being voted as The Best Of for eyebrow, eyelash, and facial services in Southwest Florida. !

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