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Ready for Beautiful Brows with Microblading in Naples? 1st Know your Prep & Aftercare.

You’ve booked with our award-winning brow artist Saadia Persad for microblading to take your arches to the next level. Saadia is a threading master and 6x certified in PMU with extensive experience sculpting flawless, natural-looking brows. Follow these tips to prepare your brows and care for them after your transformation:

Before Your Microblading Appointment

  • Avoid blood thinners like ibuprofen, aspirin and caffeine for 24 hours pre-procedure. This allows for optimal pigment retention in your delicate brow skin.

  • Wash hair before your appointment so brows stay dry the first 48 hours post-microblading. This prevents pigment loss and leads to better results. We provide a water-tight shower shield if washing hair isn't possible beforehand.

  • Arrive with a clean, fresh face with no makeup, lotions or creams on your brows and surrounding skin. This allows Saadia to fully assess your natural brow shape, symmetry and skin undertones.

After Microblading Care for Beautiful Brows

  • Avoid heavy sweating, swimming and contact sports that can disturb healing brows. Keep makeup away as well.

  • Only use Saadia's prescribed aftercare cream on brows. Soaps, cleansers and acids can remove pigment.

Client with beautiful SPMU
Actual Client After Touch up
  • Gently cleanse brows only with a Q-tip and freshly cleansed hands when applying healing cream to avoid infection.

  • No water on brows for 7 days post-microblading! Take lukewarm baths without steam instead of showers to avoid wetting brows.

  • Avoid spray tanning or direct sun on unhealed brows. Always apply SPF 30+ to protect your investment.

  • Hold off on alcohol consumption, which can slow the healing process. Let your brows fully heal first.

What to Expect with Microblading Results

Initially brows will appear bolder and darker due to natural scabbing. But don't worry - pigment fades significantly over the 7-10 day healing process into a soft, natural look. Schedule a perfection touch-up with Saadia at 6-8 weeks to ensure perfectly shaped, symmetrical arches!

If you're ready for Beautiful Brows with Microblading in Naples ; Contact Saadia immediately if you notice any excessive swelling, discharge, or fever, which may indicate an infection requiring medical attention. Otherwise, let Saadia know about any pigment or shape concerns at your touch-up appointment.

Saadia is here to give you the bold, beautiful brows you've always dreamed of with her artistry and expertise.

Book your microblading consultation today with this award-winning brow perfectionist online at!


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